To see the color of the city lights (lion2s2) wrote,
To see the color of the city lights

i slept till one.
it was amazing.
i watched "funny girl" which seemed like a good idea because of julia bromka phillips intense love for it, but it was ridiculously long and barbra streisand can be REALLY annoying despite her amazing singing talent.
now i've got tutoring. WHAT DO I NEED TUTORING FOR? we haven't gone over any new things... so my mom is making me go anyway. :(
this sunday is so awesome because i don't have any homework. and tomorrow... no more ms.fatbitchhodumpyasscorporan.
and my mom is going to take me driving later on... gotta get some more practice in before the end of april. (i'm a bit sad i won't get it directly on my birthday, but eh... i wouldn't have been able to anyway because it's on a saturday.

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